Free $15 worth of FreeMarks

Cryptocurrency Recently Are Terribly Inflationary

When they are going down, they are inflationary—10% inflation decline in value in a day is like Zimbabwe or Venezuela.

Volatility Kills the Crypto-economy

Cryptocoins go up and down, sometimes 20% in a couple of hours. This massive volatility keeps them from using cryptocurrencies as a practical medium of exchange—it’s too risky. When the Bitcoin is going up, few owners wants to spend it. When it’s going down, few buyers want to accept it. So this crypto-thing isn’t going to work unless we change the engineering.


The FreeMark is Stable

The FreeMark was invented as a stablecoin to be a better medium of exchange than other cryptocurrencies, and even better than government fiat currencies.
Right now you can buy FreeMarks at $1, and they will be about the same $1 in 6 months, maybe more, if commodities prices have increased. If commodities prices decrease, your FreeMarks will not be worth any less than the average price you paid for them.

How Can Anyone Make Money With a Stablecoin?

You make money with the FreeMark by getting more of it, rather than having the price go up. Thus you will have more FreeMarks as the money supply grows because you are paid a royalty. This way inflation is your friend, not your enemy, as with government fiat currencies.
In addition, the FreeMark is asset-backed. That means that there is a liquidity pool to pay out redemptions that is growing like a university endowment.


How Does the FreeMark Pay Royalties

Buy FreeMarks today, at the $2.5 million tranche, and as we have success, you will be paid money on a daily basis when we sell more of them—as the money supply grows. You can get commissions both individually and along with everyone else who owns FreeMarks. In early April we will send you a download link for a software application that allows you to see how your FreeMark balance is growing as the money supply grows, because of the Growth Rate Royalty.